Minnesota Family Terrorized By Mystery Man Claiming to Be A Doctor

By 1 year ago

Kimberly Mercy was a normal middle school girl. She expected that her biggest problems would be boys and homework, but when she met an unexpected stranger, her life would never be the same. For years, she and her family were tormented by a terrifying mystery man named Dr. Ramsey…

A Normal Day

Dr. Ramsey first appeared to Kimberly Mercy on her tenth birthday. She went to the corner store near her house, headed to pick up some spaghetti sauce for her mom. With $5, she bought the jar and on the way out of the store, she met a man…

Meeting Dr. Ramsey


She was walking home when she realized a man was walking beside her. Kimberly craned her neck to look up at the man. He was wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope, and an eerily wide grin. The two got to talking…

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