Mind Bending Photos of When the Laws of Physics Were Put to the Test

By 2 years ago

Everyone has a general understanding of how gravity works. Obviously, everything we do is related to gravity! Sometimes, gravity breaks. And by that, we mean that physics is just too much to handle for things to be real, but they very much are. None of these photos are photoshopped, and some you can even try on your own! Get your physics on!

A Very Talented Goat

Before you say anything, yes, this is the goat behind the “It craves that mineral!” meme. In reality, these goats are actually wild. They climb these hills in order to lick the minerals off of it and end up clinging onto the tiniest crevices to hang off of.


Jesse the Jeep Was Here

This ice storm ended up leaving the grill of a jeep still standing. It’s probably super delicate, but it’s still crazy to even see it happen!

The Way This Mug Broke

This mug is screwing with peoples minds with this crazy break! Almost looks like a super cool illusion.

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