Millennial Lifestyle and Spending Habits Have Totally Changed These Major Consumer Trends

By 1 year ago

Millennials have wreaked havoc on a lot of the staple markets that previous generations have grown to love altering life as we know it in positive and negative ways. They care more about the environment on one hand, but their interpersonal relationship skills are seriously lacking overall. They love streaming services and on-demand ride services but their need to be “unique” is crushing long, and previously beloved industries.

This list culminates everything that is “millennials”…

Cable Subscriptions

Cable subscriptions are on the outs thanks to streaming services and cable alternatives for a fraction of the price. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, Disney, Roku, and Sling, all provide enough entertainment and streaming possibilities for millennials to totally do away with their pricy cable subscriptions.



McDonald’s is having a hard time hanging onto millennials. This generation is opting for healthier choices and heading to places like Chipotle and Panera. Even with the introduction of a veggie burger, the chain hasn’t seen the results they hoped for in swinging the millennial population.

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