Michigan Principal Spends Recess With Lonely Second Grader

When second-grade student, Lucy Taylor told her mother she was spending her recess time alone, an elementary school principal in Michigan decided to end her lonely streak.

Lucy’s mother, Daun, posted on Facebook about her daughters struggles to make friends and socialize, in part due to her cerebral palsy. Coincidentally, Barth Elementary School principal, Jeremy Thompson, saw the post and decided to join Lucy the next day at recess.

My girl! You can barely see her face and still…look at that smile! What an incredible friend she has in Mr. Thompson. Thank you!

Posted by Daun Elizabeth Taylor on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Since stepping up and sitting with Lucy, Thompson has rallied a group of students to share in their recess time, too. They have even named their new group of friends the “Bubble Club.”

“Lucy has playground friends. Mr. Thompson taking the time to sit with her, of course, made other kids want to play too. And it has given Lucy the confidence to try the things that she is not necessarily great at!” wrote Daun.

Monday looks good on her. She’s got Bellbottoms, Docs, Brie cheese for a snack, and a quote from Dian Fossey. We have a couple exciting things happening today too. Bring it On!

Posted by Daun Elizabeth Taylor on Monday, September 23, 2019

Since her story caught the attention of local news stations, a number of other parents have reached out to the Taylor family about their own children’s struggles. Lucy has started sending out t-shirts and bubbles along with a note to these children who are struggling like she once was.

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