Memory Card Found on Side of Road Leads to Arrest of Sadistic Killer

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Against her better judgment, the woman’s curiosity had gotten the best of her. However, after opening the files on her computer, she quickly realized that she was witnessing an unimaginably gruesome crime that would haunt her for years to come.


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The More You Know

  • About 7% of all humans who have ever lived are alive today.
  • Mattel once tried to sue Aqua over their song "Barbie Girl". The judge literally told them to "chill".
  • The 442nd Infantry Regiment, a largely Japanese American unit that served during WWII, did so while their families were held in internment camps. Their motto was "Go for Broke" and they were the most decorated unit in U.S. military history.
  • The idea that a man should spend two months salary on an engagement ring was popularized by De Beers' ad agency.
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