McDonald's Will Be Giving Away Free Food Throughout the Holidays

As of Christmas Eve, McDonald's will be spreading some Christmas cheer.

The fast-food chain plans to give away fictional Christmas characters' favorite foods (or, at least, a gross approximation of what those foods might be.) There is a catch, however—diners must spend at least $1 and place the order through the McDonald's app.

The promotion will feature a different menu each day. Items include a double cheeseburger as an homage to the Griswold family from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, a McDouble for John McClane from Die Hard, Rudolph's medium fries, coffee for Scrooge, and a McCafe item for Frank Costanza of Seinfeld.

On December 24, McDonald's will be giving away free chocolate chip cookies without the $1 minimum purchase—in honor of Santa, clearly.

The chain has put a stronger emphasis on digital ordering and customer loyalty in preparation for next year, when a new rewards program called MyMcdonald's will be launching. Celebrity meal deals have also bumped up sales for the company, which has partnered with big names like Travis Scott and J Balvin to drum up some buzz.

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