McDonald's Employee Makes TikTok Revealing the Secret Behind the McFlurry Spoon

A McDonald's employee shared some insider information via her TikTok account about a beloved menu item. 

On April 12th, the TikTok account 'marzpire,' revealed the reasoning behind the hollow McFlurry spoons. People have long wondered why the spoons look like they could double as a straw, and yet, they are closed off at the bottom.

In the video, which has been watched nearly 4 million times, the employee shows the whole process of preparing a McFlurry. The hollowed spoon is designed as such because it fits the mixing machine that is used to stir the frozen treat.

Mind blown? You're not alone. 

“I know for a fact EVERY SINGLE PERSON who has had a Mcflurry for the first time has tried to drink it out if the spoon,” one commenter wrote.

“Well that explains it after all these years,” another added.

To see for yourself, you can view the video here:

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