Maybe It's About Time We Cancel the ACE Family Youtubers

By 1 year ago

The ACE Family is one of the most-watched YouTube channels on the site thanks to their high-energy daily vlogs, extreme pranks, and cute kids. However, not all is as it seems about this seemingly perfect family...

They Claimed To Live a Normal Life

Despite becoming an overnight success, The ACE Family claimed to still lead a normal life. However, most of their income came from YouTube and they gained a millionaire status. Despite coming from humble beginnings, the fame and money quickly went to their heads...


The Secret To Their Success

Catherine and Austin said the best way to make a career out of YouTube is to "take your time, create at your own pace, and follow it. Consistency is the number one key and just be true to yourself." They seem to be following their own advice, but they've come under fire for some decisions...

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