Maybe It's About Time We Cancel the ACE Family Youtubers

The ACE Family is one of the most-watched YouTube channels on the site thanks to their high-energy daily vlogs, extreme pranks, and cute kids. However, not all is as it seems about this seemingly perfect family...

They Claimed To Live a Normal Life

Despite becoming an overnight success, The ACE Family claimed to still lead a normal life. However, most of their income came from YouTube and they gained a millionaire status. Despite coming from humble beginnings, the fame and money quickly went to their heads...


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The More You Know

  • Your dog knows when someone isn't trustworthy.
  • Vietnam is one of the most pro-US countries in the world, with 76% having a favorable view. This is higher than Japan, the United Kingdom, and France.
  • 78% of NFL players undergo financial crisis by 2 years of retirement.
  • Peanuts can be used to make dynamite.
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