Maple Stream: The Maple Syrup Spray of the Future

Move over whipped cream, there’s a new sprayable topping in town.

Coombs Family Farm is now selling Maple Stream, the world’s first sprayable maple syrup.

If you can spray whipped cream on sundaes, pancakes, and waffles, it only makes sense that the next step would be a spray option for maple syrup. It actually makes a lot of sense—less mess and more control of how much you use sounds like a great deal for such a sticky condiment.

The 7-ounce can retails for $7.99 and contains no flammable propellants.

Twitter agrees that this method is so much better than the messy bottled alternative. However, some mom’s think it’s just another sweet thing for kids to spray in their mouths like little animals. Either way, the website says that the benefits of the sprayable stuff outweigh and cons.

“No mess. No more sticky, stuck-on caps,” the site says. “No need to refrigerate. Store it anywhere.”

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