Man Rescues Distressed Moose, And Nature Repays Him In a Shocking Way

If you've ever seen a moose in the wild, you know they can be quite intimidating creatures. They can grow to enormous sizes, are incredibly strong, and don't take too kindly to being approached by humans. However, if you're lucky, sometimes animals in need will react kindly to the help, just like this lucky moose did...

A Great Day For A Hike

Erikas Plucas, a native to Lithuania, lived on a farm situated around vast woodlands. He was an outdoorsman at heart and enjoyed long, peaceful hikes near his home. He often spotted wildlife but knew to leave them alone...


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The More You Know

  • Mount Everest is bigger now than the last time it was measured.
  • The longest tennis rally lasted over 12 hours.
  • Dentistry is the oldest profession in the world.
  • War pigs were used in ancient warfare to counter against war elephants, which feared the pigs (and their squeals) and would bolt. War pigs were sometimes lit on fire to enhance this effect.
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