Little Kid Had Hilarious Reaction To Thanksgiving Prank

What's the point in having kids if you don't play a little prank on them?

Last year, this family wanted to ring in the Thanksgiving spirit by pranking their son with the Thanksgiving turkey. The dad and son duo were prepping the turkey in the sink to get it started for dinner. 

When the video starts recording, you can hear mom say, "Just tell me if it's a boy or a girl turkey."

“I don’t know,” he replied.

“Look on the inside,” she told him. 

“I can’t tell. I don’t know what the difference is,” the boy said.


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At the perfect moment, dad pulled out the turkey neck from the inside and shows his son, who immediately retches and runs away.

“Is that his ding-dong-wala-wala-bing-bong?” the son asked.

Obviously, this totally took the parents by surprise and the video was cut short due to how much they were laughing. The video quickly went viral, and a lot of commenters could relate to their antics. 

“Oh my god, my mom and dad did this to me. I had the same reaction,” someone said. 

“I literally can’t breathe. His reaction killed me with laughter,” another wrote. 

“Best gender reveal all year long,” a person joked. 

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