Police Officer Meets Homeless Woman with the Voice of an Angel in LA Subway Station

By 2 weeks ago

In Los Angeles, a police officer spotted a homeless woman with a heavenly voice in the subway station.

An officer from the Los Angeles PD was stationed at the Wilshire and Normandie Purple Line station when he heard a woman performing a hauntingly beautiful version of the opera classic, Puccini Aria, on the platform.

The officer recorded the woman on his phone and posted it to LAPD’s Twitter page, where it received hundreds of thousands of views. Thanks to its popularity, the woman was identified as 52-year-old Emily Zamourka.

Zamourka later told reporters that she hadn’t had any formal vocal training, but was classically trained on piano and violin. She said she typically played her violin to make money on the platform, but her instrument had been stolen three years back.

She hopes that the shares of the video can help her get off the streets so she can properly cope with health issues and get herself permanent housing.