Inspiring Ten-Year-Old is Working to Collect Half a Million Books for Donation

Orion Jean, of Fort Worth, Texas, is on a mission to share the joys of reading with as many kids as possible. 

"It's all about my moral duty to help people," Orion said. 

He may only be 10-years-young, but he is already a force. After winning a student kindness contest last year, Orion is pursuing a bigger goal. 

He's currently working on collecting half a million books for other kids in Texas.

"Kindness is a virtue we can all possess. If we are willing to," he said, according to CBC. "So why not start today. Because right now, it's what we need more than ever."

Orion is already well on his way to 500k, as he's already collected around 120k books thus far!

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