A Youngster from South Carolina Uses Birthday Money to Feed Hurricane Victims

By 2 weeks ago

Today, Jermaine Bell turns 7-years-old, and instead of a Disney World trip to celebrate, he opted for helping Hurricane Dorian evacuees.

Jermaine’s parents had saved up to take him to the “happiest place on earth” but since the hurricane hit the east coast, Jermaine decided that feeding those who lost everything was more important than his birthday trip.

The Allentown, South Carolina family used their trip savings to buy sandwiches, snacks, and water for people headed inland to escape the storm. They stood on the roadside with signs letting people know they were giving away free meals.

In just one day, Jermaine and his family fed over 100 evacuees. Lauren, Jermaine’s mother, said she was touched by her sons compassionate choice and still hopes to take him to Disney World, even if the trip has to be delayed a bit now.