ER Doctors Determine That Teen's Bizarre Stomach Pain Is a Medical Anomaly

By 1 year ago

Charlotte Thomson was living her best as a college freshman. She was doing well in her classes and had a great job that helped pay for her schooling. She was going out every weekend and having the time of her life, but everything was cut short in just one night...

Charlotte Thomson

Charlotte Thomson was like every other 19-year-old. She went out, partied, and hung out with her friends while going to college. She was just as young and reckless as any other college freshman.

A Horrible Hangover


Charlotte went home late one December after a long night of clubbing. She had been partying for a few hours, which was nothing out of the usual. She went to bed the second she got home and passed out. At 2:30 in the morning, she woke up to excruciatingly sharp pains in her back. She took some painkillers, but it didn't work...

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