Krispy Kreme’s Conversation Doughnuts are the Sweethearts Valentine Candy of 2019

This Valentine’s Day, a certain void will be felt around the country, as the holiday’s most popular candy, Sweethearts, will be taking a hiatus for the first time since 1886.

As manufacturer Necco, closed their doors, the new Sweethearts buyer ran out of production time to release the candies in time for V-Day.

But have no fear—Krispy Kreme is here.


Eyeing up that hole in the market, Krispy Kreme jumped at the chance to fill the void in our hearts will a new “conversation treat,” a doughnut, of course.

From January 30th until February 14th, Krispy Kreme is offering filled “conversation doughnuts” with edible phrases like “DM ME,” “ALL THE FEELS,” “SO EXTRA,” “PICK ME!” and “BE MINE.”


The doughnuts will be available in four different flavors: cake batter, strawberries and kreme, raspberry, and chocolate.

So guys, don’t mess this up and give your sweetie what they really want this year: Krispy Kreme.

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