Kayakers Came Across a Chilling Secret While Out on the River

By 1 year ago

A skilled kayaker and his friends decided to try out a new route on the Ohio river one summer day, and it turned out to lead them to the discovery of a lifetime. Find out what historical artifact this group accidentally unearthed on an ordinary day on the water...

A Quiet Day on the River

James Malott, an avid kayaker, was out paddling with a group of friends one day as they usually did during the summer. Little did they know, when they reached the end of their route they were going to discover a 110-year-old historic relic. He recounts the adventure as "something incredible..."

Surprises Around Every Corner


James knew that no two days on the river were ever the same. The water speed, rushing rapids, and weather could change in an instant, so he always had his wits about him. That day, everything seemed to go according to plan until their final moments on the route...

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