Kaley Cuoco Adopts Large Senior Dog Named Larry

Six months after losing her beloved dog, Norman, Kaley Cuoco and her husband, Karl Cook, were ready to welcome a new member to their family. On Sunday night, Cuoco shared their new addition on Instagram, a senior mastiff named Larry. 

Cuoco said that the rescue dog is a "9 year old ginormous mastiff chunk mutt of love" whom she and Cook are already "obsessed" with.

She shared some adorable photos of Larry's first few days at his new home and described him as the "size of a horse." 

Back in January, the actress shared the news about the passing of her dog, Norman which she said felt like "Earth-shattering deep gut-wrenching pain I didn't know was possible." The late fourteen-year-old pup also famously shares a name with Cuoco's production company, which she named after him.

Luckily, Larry has now entered the picture to help heal Kaley's heartbreak, and she shared that he is "already a barn dog." He was rescued from Paws For Life K9 rescue.

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