Jimmy Fallon's Daughter Loses a Tooth On His Show

By 1 year ago

Jimmy Fallon, like many hosts, has been airing his hilarious talk show from the comfort of his home during the coronavirus outbreak, and he might have someone already in line for his coveted late-night spot, his daughter! Winnie Fallon smashed through the interview Fallon was having with Ciara and Russell Wilson about life in quarantine with very big and important news. "I lost a tooth!" she said. 


Winnie, age 6, showed Fallon, Ciara, and Russell her proud achievement while explaining the logistics of how it all went down. Her mother, Nancy, had wrapped a string around the wobbly tooth and pulled, allowing the bone to be freed. "Hopefully the Tooth Fairy knows this happened and will be visiting you tonight," said Jimmy, "Oh my gosh, I’m so proud of you, buddy!"

Winnie assured her father "She knows, she knows!" before making her grand exit. Not to be upstaged, Fallon's youngest daughter, Franny, also made an appearance. The little girls have been showing up in most of Fallon's home broadcasts while avoiding the virus. Fallon joked to his guests "“We don’t even know who that is. It’s just some kid.” Keep it up, kids!

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