Jenga Game Now Comes With Built-In Jello Shots

By 1 year ago

Game night just got a lot more interesting. A Minnesota woodworker has constructed an exciting twist on the game Jenga. This handcrafted design goes for $79 on Etsy but includes small holes that perfectly fit jello shot cups. "Little Tipsy" Jenga hides 25 secret slots to have a boozy game of this classic. Pull one out, and take the shot, whether you want to or not...

The box comes complete with plastic cups and lids so you can start as soon as possible. The artist, Stone Point, sells the game online. Buyers can add 10 or 15 jell-O shot slots for a little higher price. "We are busy in the workshop making more!" says Stone Point's Calteaux. Currently, the game is totally sold out online, but more are in production as of right now. 


Some other games have taken on adult twists. Mini Flip Cup goes for $40 at Uncommon Goods, which provides a cleaner version of this college classic. There's also the Wheel of Misfortune for $20 at World Market. In this game, players follow the instructions dictated on the wheel. Brave the dare or drink a shot. Bottoms up, you wild party animals!

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