Jane Lynch Never Wanted Kids—So She Gave Her Dogs Human Names

During her virtual appearance as a guest on The Tonight Show Monday evening, Jane Lynch bonded with host Jimmy Fallon over their dogs, who have human names rather than more traditional pet names.

The 60-year-old Glee star reflected on the monikers she has given her dogs since her time as a university student.

"Well, the first dog I had in college was named Kevin," Lynch said, prior to revealing the names of her current dogs: Benjamin, Olivia, and Mildred.

"We've had many dogs—'cause we adopt seniors and we only get to keep them for a few years—so we have many human names because I knew I wasn't going to have kids."

Lynch has always been an avid lover of rescue pets and spoken numerous times about her belief that adopting a pet is much more ethical than purchasing one.

"There are so many dogs on the streets right now and so many dogs in shelters," she said in a 2018 interview. To Lynch, there is "no real reason" why anyone would need to shop for a pet.

"This might be pure human projection on my part, but it feels that there's a happiness and a gratitude," Lynch added. "You think, 'Look how happy they are in this wonderful home with these two parents who just adore them and they adore each other.'"

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