It Was Their First Date—and He Made Her the Getaway Driver

By 1 year ago

They say you should be careful about people you meet on dating apps, but one woman from Massachusetts had no idea what she was in for. Her search for love ended with a gun pointed directly at her face and a potential trip to the slammer...

Independent Mom

Shelby Sampson was a single mother living in Bristol County, Massachusetts. Since the birth of her daughter, Jessica, Shelby had spent the past eight years totally dedicated to raising her child. With Jessica's father out of the picture, Shelby hardly had time for anything else—including romance.


Looking for Love

The holidays were drawing nearer, which was always a difficult time for Shelby. As much as she loved spending the holidays with Jessica, she often found herself growing lonely around Christmas. Thanksgiving had come and gone, and Jessica wasn't looking forward to another holiday season on her own. She thought about downloading a dating app to distract herself...

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