It took 50 Years For This Couple To Finally Get Married After Being Kept Apart

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The 60’s were all about loving yourself and loving one another. When a freshman boy heads off to college, he ends up meeting the girl of his dreams. Their relationship had a fairytale start, but also a fairytale ending. It was decades before they saw each other again, and when they did, it was magical…

Star-Crossed Lovers

Janice Rude and Prentiss Wilson are real-life star-crossed lovers. Their romance was fairy-tale-like from the start, and so was it’s demise. Through up’s and down’s, they were certain that they were destined for each other. When outside forces went sour, it took decades for them to reconnect. There was one particularly shocking piece of evidence of their meant-to-be love found years and years later… It wasn’t just a coincidence, they knew that it was destiny!


First Year At College

Prentiss Wilson was starting his first year at Occidental College in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles. The freshman was hours away from home and on his path of making new friends. Occidental, known as Oxy by the students, is one of the oldest private liberal arts schools on the West Coast and one of the best in the country.

Love At First Sight

Wilson was on the path to start his career in law school at Oxy. Like any student, he started his mornings at the cafeteria on campus. Little did he know that he would be meeting his soul mate in this seemingly average place. He walked up to the cafeteria and was completely blown away by one of the student employee’s working… That, of course, was Janice Rude.

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