Is Pistachio Milk Next Big Vegan Trend?

Father-daughter duo Roxana Morteza Saidi created Taché, a brand of pistachio milk, in order to meet consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally conscious non-dairy milk options. Now, Taché will become the first pistachio milk in the U.S.

Although the nut-milk alternative industry has surged over the years, pistachio milk had yet to hit the American market due to difficulties within the supply chain. Now, the Saidis have developed a sustainable supply chain by sourcing their nuts from Europe and MENA (Middle East and North Africa), two regions which both boast the production of high-quality pistachios.

"Growing up, I was surrounded by pistachios as they were the go-to snack in our household and quickly became one of my favorite nuts. Years later on a family vacation in Europe, I had a full-circle moment when I was craving an almond milk latte," Roxana said.

"I realized that the snack I've loved all my life was not only flavorful and healthy but could also be turned into milk. The lightbulb went off and immediately upon returning to NYC, making different versions of pistachio milk in my apartment kitchen. Being born in a family of entrepreneurs, I recognized the opportunity for a new healthy yet decadent and flavorful plant-based milk that I'm glad the vegan community can enjoy," she continued.

Taché is available nationwide in the Original and Unsweetened flavors.

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