International Gelato Shop Now Serving a “Gelato Burger”

A European ice cream chain, Amorino, is serving a Gelato Burger, and it’s got some guests confused.

No, it isn’t a beef patty with gelato on top, as some guests have thought.

It’s not your standard burger at all. The bun is made with chocolate, and instead of a patty, customers get their choice of two scoops of gelato.

An employee of Amorino, that has locations in New York City, said that the new menu item has guests surprised and curious, but it hasn’t quite been the most popular. But sometimes, it just takes time for people to warm up to something new.


This hybrid “burger” costs $7.18, but it hasn’t rolled out to all U.S. locations yet. Most of Amorino’s locations are in Europe, with its flagship in Paris.

Burgers, they’re also for dessert.

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