Ina Garten Made Herself A Huge Cosmopolitan at 9 A.M

Celebrity chef Ina Garten knows how to party during a quarantine. Ina has been entertaining her 2.2 million Instagram followers will live videos and easy at-home recipes to try during the quarantine. Wednesday morning, the Barefoot Contessa (as she is sometimes known) was teaching her viewers how to make a quality cosmopolitan cocktail. The only downfall was that it was 9 AM. 

She begins by telling her followers to keep routines and traditions alive during the crisis. She says, "My favorite tradition is cocktail hour, so I'm going to make you my favorite cosmopolitan, and you probably have all the ingredients right in your house!" She says she is going to make a big batch since you never know who's stopping by. Then she stops to laugh and says "Wait a minute, no one's stopping by!"

She combines two cups of "good" vodka, a cup of Cointreau or any orange liqueur you have around, and one cup of cranberry cocktail. She finishes it off with freshly squeezed lime juice and pours it into an iced shaker to be shaken for 30 seconds. "You have lots of time, it's not a problem," she says, "During a crisis, a cocktail hour can be any hour." She then finishes the drink by pouring it into a jumbo cocktail glass.

Ina takes a huge sip before saying "Stay safe and have a very good time, and don't forget the cocktails...Mmm, delicious!" You can follow Ina on Instagram to see her next creative cocktail hour or see some of her delicious and easy at-home meals. 

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