Idris Elba Thanks Sabrina Dhowre for Being His 'Ride or Die'

Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre celebrated their second wedding anniversary a year after the couple was diagnosed with COVID-19.

"I love you so much, the last year has been one of the toughest of my life and I only got through it because of you," Elba wrote in an Instagram post. He then tagged his wife and called her his "ride or die."

The couple was engaged in 2018 after dating for a year. In 2019, the couple wed in Marrakesh, Morocco. "My family is from east Africa and Idris’s is from west Africa, so we thought it would be fun to meet somewhere in between," said Dhowre.

Unfortunately, as newlyweds, the couple came down with COVID-19; Elba was one of the first public celebrity cases.

"I don't suffer any residual effects and during my time with COVID, I was asymptomatic," he said in March 2020. "But I guess I feel incredibly lucky to have not gone down the worst route and thus it's given me a slightly different perspective on life, a little bit more of a new lease on life."

Elba went against CDC recommendations and did not isolate from Dhowre, infecting her as well.

"I could have made the decision to put myself, maybe, in a separate room or stay away, and I'm sure that people are making those decisions. And they're tough decisions to make," Dhowre told Oprah Winfrey. "But I made the decision to want to be with him and, you know, still touch him.

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