Iconic Actors Who Never Won an Academy Award

Legendary Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark spearheaded the Avengers team and many of the relating Marvel movies. He was a character with depth, likeability, and was the driving force behind bringing in new heroes (like Tom Holland's Spiderman) to the team. The difficult decision of killing him off in Infinity War left fans absolutely gutted.


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The More You Know

  • While filming Rocky IV, Dolph Lundgren punched Sylvester Stallone's chest so hard, his heart slammed against his breastbone, causing it to swell and his systolic blood pressure shot to over 200. Filming was halted as Stallone was flown to a nearby hospital and spent eight days in intensive care.
  • The first-ever animated film to be nominated for Best Picture was Beauty and the Beast in 1981
  • The Terminator script was sold for a dollar.
  • When filming Chinatown Jack Nicholson was dating Anjelica Huston, the daughter of his screen nemesis John Huston.
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