Ice-T Has Never Had a Bagel or Coffee

Has it all been a lie?

Apparently, yes.

Rapper-turned-actor, Ice-T, has recently announced to the Twitterverse that he has never eaten a bagel, nor drank a cup of coffee, and people are not okay.

While Ice-T now primarily resides in Los Angeles, he was born in Newark, NJ, a quick train ride from the bagel capital of the world, NYC.

Perhaps the most shocking thing about this revelation is that on his show, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, fans swore that they had seen his character eat a cinnamon raisin bagel. Alas, as a Twitter user examined the tapes, it appears that Ice, while having a bagel in his hand, never actually took a bite.

But the question remains: How?!

How on earth could you hold that carby-deliciousness in your hand and not even take a single bite? What is with these celebrity folk anymore? They’re clearly not living the life we all thought they were.

When the dust settled, Philadelphia Cream Cheese reached out and made Ice an offer to send him all the bagels and cream cheese he would need to really make up for lost time.

Ice-T has yet to respond, but we eagerly await his answer.

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