You Won’t Believe How Tiffany Hadish Secretly Got Audition Feedback

By 4 months ago

Tiffany Haddish is one of the most popular comedians of 2019. Although she’s currently an A-Lister, she once was a struggling actress, going to countless auditions. In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter’s “Queens of Comedy” issue, Haddish revealed she often eavesdropped on casting directors.

Haddish said she would bring her bag in to the room, record a voice memo, and “forget” her bag there when she left. Whenever she went back to retrieve it, the whole post-audition conversation was recorded!

Haddish revealed that casting directors often said very rude things about her race or appearance. Occasionally though, the feedback was helpful, like when one director said she couldn’t read her lines well. This comment inspired her to read out loud to herself more so she could grow as an actress.

Now she’s one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, and a queen of comedy. As Tiffany herself always says, “She ready!”