Subway Woman In Viral Video Becomes Singing Sensation

By 3 months ago

Charolette Awbery is the new Queen of the internet after her viral singing video found its way online. A comedian named Kevin Freshwater approached the woman while she was walking through the subway tunnels and asked her to sing the next lyrics to the song "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Awbery did more than finish the lyrics, she wowed Kevin and the rest of the Internet. 

The video spread on social media, racking up an impressive 25 million views on Twitter alone. Her Instagram presence became the highlight of the week for followers, and she gained thousands of new fans and followers. It seemed too good to be true, which left fans wondering if Awbery was the real deal or was the whole thing staged to launch her career?

After appearing on the Ellen show though, Charolette was able to clear up the rumors and confirm that the video was actually true. She had been on her way to the subway to go meet a friend when she was stopped in her tracks. As a reward for her success, she performed the song on Ellen and was gifted a free year of transit on the London Tube system, not to mention the 10,000 Euro pounds. Now, fans must wait for her album release!

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