Twitter Responds to Facebook Rant About Childless Millennials at Disneyland

By 3 months ago

People young and old love Disney. From amazing animations to iconic characters, there’s something nostalgic for everyone. For many though, the best part of Disney is the legendary theme parks. One Facebook mom had a problem with the ages of people attending these parks though, saying that they’re only for children.

Obviously, Twitter had a lot to say about the post, which called out millennials without children for taking up space at the parks. Though many of these so-called “childless couples” grew up with the brand, the post still aggressively requests that they abstain from visiting the theme park.

This inspired a New York Post article to be written agreeing with the Facebook parent. Twitter heard and disagreed.

The New York Post article questions whether the people at these theme parks have enjoyed the more ‘adult’ pleasures of life, ones that parents can’t enjoy as frequently anymore. While this might make sense, users agreed that people should spend their money however they deem worthy.

It seems no one will ever agree on who gets to enjoy Disney parks. Is the nostalgia capital of the world a place for kids or a place for everyone to rediscover their inner child? Maybe, it’s both.