Twitter Has Some Opinions About Covering Food In Ketchup

By 3 weeks ago

When you get an order of chicken fingers or a basket of fries, do you immediately cover the entire meal in ketchup or put a little on the side? One Twitter user, Connor Ball, had some opinions that started off the debate. He wrote: “never trust someone who covers their food in ketchup.” The people heard him loud and clear.

Many agreed with Connor, one user saying that “dipping is better than covering” and another saying “then you get it all over your fingers too.” Others took the problem to a completely new place, saying that ketchup wasn’t even their condiment of choice.

Some people chimed in with their other preferred toppings. Mustard, Mayo, relish among the top, but a few strange ones as well. Most of all, people who put ketchup on their food like the photo depicts, vehemently defended their actions.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you enjoy your ketchup (or alternate condiments). As long as you’re eating a delicious fried meal, your sauce choices are your business. Bon appétit!