Toddler Catches Mom Throwing Away Toy In Hilarious TikTok

What parent can't relate to dealing with their child's horribly loud toy? 

TikToker Bri Becker shared a hilarious skit between herself and her daughter about an obnoxious toy that she couldn't wait to get rid of.

The video starts with Becker carrying a plastic toy to the trash can. The video is playing over a hilarious sound from Bob's Burgers that fits perfectly with this scenario. 

Just as Becker is about to finally get rid of the wretched device, the camera flips to her daughter who is watching the ordeal go down. The rest of the video plays out to the rest of the sound, and it's hilariously accurate:


There’s always that one toy you just can’t stand ... #momtok

♬ original sound - Jo


Every parent in the comments could relate.

“When parents hate the toy noises,” joked one user. 

“Lol, too funny and so true,” one viewer said.

These two have a future in TikTok skits, that's for sure!

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