Stacked Salad Fronts as “Vegan Lasagna” and Brings Fear and Divide to the Internet

By 4 months ago

Food can be highly personal and extremely polarizing. However, one thing everyone can most likely agree on: the monstrosity pictured below is not, in any way, lasagna.

hmmm from hmmm

The dish, which was apparently created by a well-intentioned engineer trying to accommodate to the diet of a vegan friend for dinner, is void of any typical lasagna ingredients. It doesn’t contain cheese, nor pasta, nor tomato sauce. There are ways to make a perfectly delicious vegan lasagna, and absolutely none of them include lettuce and raw tomatoes.

People of the internet were understandably upset about the salad-disguised-as-lasagna.

Stouffers even chimed in to let it be known that no matter what anyone says, this is “Definitely. Not. Lasagna.”

In fact, this abomination appears to be more of a bread-less deli sandwich. Let delicious Italian food be delicious Italian food, people.