New Yorkers Played a Game of Ping Pong on a Subway Car

By 4 months ago

There’s never a bad time for a game, right? On the 6 train, author Mary Karr witnessed something she never thought she’d see: two people playing a game of ping-pong right in the middle of the moving train! Mary captured the insane exchange on video and posted it to Twitter.

People had mixed reactions to the event. Some said this outlandish act is something that would, as they say, only ever happen in New York. Those who live in the Big Apple are so accustomed to seeing everything imaginable, that a ping-pong game isn’t too crazy.

Others were understandably annoyed at this, noting how some people were blocked in beside the table. The people seem very engrossed in their game, and don’t consider the people around them. Some users were frustrated with this concept of selfishness.

In response, Mary Karr tweeted that she loved New York City. Others chimed in with their own positive takeaways of the video, saying that it was a fun game to brighten someones day. One thing is for sure though, the real winner was everyone who saw this wild video!