Larry the Drowning Street Cat Gets a Photoshoot

By 4 months ago

This past week, the chief mousier to the cabinet office got the full royal treatment. Twitter user @Felicity_Baker snapped the famous feline posing for the camera with the caption “Such a poser…”

The photographer goes above and beyond (or in this case, below and beyond) to get the perfect angle. Larry the Drowning Street cat has been working for the cabinet office for 12 years. His bio boasts that he’s been “in position longer than the leaders of any of the main UK political parties.”

Larry’s many fans come out in full support for the perfect shot. He’s so popular that, who knows, he might just make his way into office. The Prime Minister position might be his next big break.

In the end, it was all worth it for the final shot. Staged by Reuters’ news photographer Toby Melville, the final picture is worthy of any campaign sign.