Kim Kardashian’s Newest Instagram Is a Photoshop Fail

By 6 days ago

Halloween just passed, but celebrities are still positing pictures from the festivities. Kim Kardashian and her family are no different. The reality star posted a picture of her and Kanye West’s family dressed as the Flinstones. Kim went as Betty Rubble, North as Wilma, Saint as Fred, Psalm as Bamm-Bamm, Chicago as Pebbles, and Kanye as Dino.

You might notice that the caption praises the photographer’s editing skills. You might also notice that, if you look closely, Chicago was actually photoshopped into the picture! She was apparently too scared of the dinosaur costume to take a nice pic with the family.

Even funnier, some people don’t believe it’s Kanye in that Dino costume! Users on Twitter pointed out that he had a similarly covered up costume last year. Maybe he was busy and someone else stepped in?

There’s no way to know for sure if Kanye is inside these suits, but at least the family got a cute and Insta-worthy photo for the Halloween holiday! They got both treats and maybe a trick!