Here Are the Finalists for America's Best Restroom

Cintas, an Ohio-based businesses services company, is seeking out the best pubic restroom in America. It seems like an intense feat, but they've ended up narrowing down to the top 10. 

"The public is expecting a higher hygiene standard in public restrooms, and we're proud to spotlight these unique restrooms that are well-maintained without sacrificing aesthetic quality," Cintas marketing manager Sean Mulcahey said in a press release. 

Now, they want the public's help. The finalists include:

  • Core24 GVL gym in Greenvile, S.C.
  • The Fancy Flush portable toilet in Santa Rose, Calif.
  • JFK Airport's Terminal 4 in New York
  • Nan Thai Fine Dining in Atlanta
  • The Planet World museum in Washington, D.C.
  • the Pump House in Kannapolis, N.C.
  • The Fed Community restaurant in Clarkston, Mich.
  • Two Cities Pizza in Cincinnati
  • The restroom at William S. Craycraft Park in Mission Veijo, Calif.

The voting closed on Saturday, so only time will tell before they reveal where the best public restroom is!

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