Folks Are Memeing Kendall Jenners Lackluster Catwalk

Kendall Jenner walked in the Off White fashion show earlier this week and people were critical

Folks always keep an eye out for Jenner's work due to her high-profile status. A lot of people seem to agree that her success in the modeling industry stems from nepotism, which isn't that crazy to believe.

Her outfit featured a leather dress and hat with horns. It was definitely giving 2012 with a hint of 2022. Just a hint. 

The walk that Jenner gave us was, honestly, disastrous. It was low energy and sloppy, and people and Twitter did not hesitate to make meme's out of her.

Are they well-deserved? Maybe. For someone with so much success and in such a high status, she should probably be aware that people will be critical of every single move. 

Honestly, the memes are pretty spot-on. Twitter rarely disappoints. 

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