‘Barry’ Writer Creates the Emmys Most Viral Meme Outfit

By 3 weeks ago

Emily Heller, head writer for Barry on HBO, made quite the impact prior to the Emmys red carpet. The stand-up and comedy writer tweeted that she wanted the internet’s help in creating the best look for the big event, and posted a few pictures in a greenscreen bodysuit, perfect for the craziest submissions.

The people did not disappoint. Some dressed her up in a ballgown to be envious of, but more likely, people replied with something like a pizza dress or a transformers outfit. Needless to say, the looks would have killed if she made it to the red carpet.

Some thought even more outside the box, dressing Emily up like Robin (of Batman fame) or even avocado! Surely her Barry co-writer and star actor, Bill Hader, would be proud of such a hilarious bit. After all, she was truly something to guac at…

Barry received four nominations, including Best Comedy Actor, for which star Bill Hader won the award. it was also nominated twice for Best Directing in a Comedy Series and once for Best Writing in a Comedy Series. This was Bill Hader’s second Emmy win for Best Actor.