How This Famous Cold Case Murder Led to One Man’s True Love

By 1 year ago

It was a normal night for the citizens of Adelaide, Australia, but for one mystery man, things would never be the same. When a body washed up on the Australian shore, people were confused. Who was he? How did he die? Read on to discover one man’s search for answers, and how it led to a search for love…

Unknown Figure

On the first of December in 1948, a man’s body was found on the shore of Somerton Beach in Adelaide, South Australia. He was laying strangely, his head propped up against a wall, legs crossed, and an unlit cigarette on his jacket collar. Police were baffled, but the confusion had only just begun…


Searching Pockets

The officers searched the person and found only more questions in the contents of his pockets. He had an unused second class ticket on the bus from Adelaide to Henley Beach. He also had an aluminum American comb, a half-empty packet of Juicy Fruit gum, a cigarette packet with 7 different brands of cigarettes, and a box of matches. Who was this man…

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