How Taking a Selfie Ended Up Saving One Woman's Life

By 1 year ago

What was supposed to be an ordinary day for Jennifer and her son Oscar ended up taking a turn for the worst. The morning of his first day at a new school ended up being spent in the hospital. Thankfully, Jennifer's seemingly normal act of taking a selfie held all the clues about what went wrong...

An Ordinary Day

Jennifer's morning routine was mostly dictated by her son, Oscar. She had to wake him up early, get him ready, and walk him to kindergarten each day before she went to work herself. He was an easy kid who liked school, so getting him out of bed was never a struggle. It was just the two of them at home, and they were each other's best friends...

Starting at a New School


On this day, Oscar was getting ready for his first day at a new school across town. He'd graduated from half-day to full-day kindergarten, and Jennifer was so proud. She waited for her parents to arrive so they could take him to school since Jennifer had to work, which was nothing out of the ordinary...

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