How Much Should Dental Implants Cost In 2020?

Thanks to recent technological advancements, dental implant procedures are now easier than ever and are much less of a burden on your wallet. When searching for a procedure of this nature, price is a major factor. Make sure to do your due diligence when looking for best pricing for dental implants in your area.

Throughout history, people have tried just about everything to keep their teeth looking healthy and fresh. On the other hand, dating back to the Revolutionary War era, many people also suffer from an extreme fear of the dentist, regardless of how simple the procedure may be.

Luckily, times have changed, and now, Dental Implants have really changed the game. For those who suffer from tooth loss or permanent tooth damage, Dental Implants are a fast and fear-free procedure with a 95% success and satisfaction rate.

Dental Implants Offer A Real Fix

Over thirty years ago, Dental Implants entered the market and totally replaced bridges and dentures as the solution for people with discolored and unsightly teeth. Millions of people have restored their confidence and tooth health since the introduction of Dental Implants.

In addition to improving confidence and tooth health, implants make eating, sleeping, and speaking better, as well. People who were once embarrassed about the way their teeth looked have experienced a new lease on life thanks to Dental Implants.

The procedure itself is so easy and virtually pain-free, that people with them wonder why they held off for so long.

A Solution for Seniors

The market for Dental Implants has grown exponentially with the population of senior citizens. Whereas this procedure was previously considered riskier for seniors, tech advancements have made it available to everyone. This is especially good news for seniors who suffer from gum disease, tooth decay, injury, and chronic disease.

Dental Implants: A Research-Backed Solution

Researchers have dived deep into the positive outcomes that Dental Implants offer patients with problem teeth. The outcomes for these procedures have been overwhelmingly positive. In a "meta-analyses" of other Dental Implant studies, success rates between "96.7%-97.5%" for single-unit restorations and "92.5%-93.6%" for fixed partial restorations over "6-7 years."

Dental Implants offer a long-term solution to serious tooth problems. The long-term "survival" of implants, when placed by experienced practitioners, is placed at a whopping 95.5%.

Dental Implants are a White, Bright, and Affordable Option

As Dental Implants have become a more mainstream treatment option, the procedure has been improved and the price has dropped significantly over time. A better product at a lower cost means more accessibility for all.

Technology has made it easier than ever to perfect dental molds of the problematic teeth and, in turn, has made the Dental Implant procedure faster and more affordable than ever before.

Improvements in nanotechnology have also had a hand in the Dental Implant world. This technology improves the fit of the implants tenfold to better fit the exact space left by the previously defective tooth and helps to bind the implant more naturally to the gums and teeth in the area.

Join the Dental Implant Revolution

There’s nothing to fear about the Dental Implant procedure, other than missing out. Thanks to advances in technology, a new and improved smile is easier and more affordable than ever.