How Many of These Spot The Difference Photos Can You Solve?

By 8 months ago

It's like Where's Waldo for adults! Spot the difference puzzles are great ways to exercise your brain and force you to pay attention to detail. How many of these can you solve without checking the answers first?

Snake Charmer - 3 Differences 

This one isn't for the faint of heart if you have a fear of snakes. However, snake charmers have fascinated people for centuries. There are three things within both of these photos that don't quite add up...


Snake Charmer - Answers

Right away you should have noticed that the snake appears to have two tails. The snake charmer also appears to be holding something that looks like a tube of bamboo next to his instrument. The last one was hard to catch, but the charmer's turban is missing its knot in the first photo. 

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