How A Stray Puppy Became This Depressed Elephant’s Best Friend

When this zoo adopted an elephant in 1980, they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. When they ran out of ideas, it took a special friend to get this elephant back in good spirits. Read on to find out how these two got to be BFFS…

Bubbles the Elephant

Bubbles was a rescue elephant from Africa. Weighing in at 9,000 pounds at age 34, the massive animal was rescued from poachers in 1980. Her herd was killed for ivory, and she needed a new home. The risk was rising in Africa, so Myrtle Beach stepped in…


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The More You Know

  • If you sneeze while driving at 60 mph, your eyes are closed for around 50 feet.
  • The smallest bone in your body is in your ear.
  • Garfield used to own G-Mail.
  • Electric eels are in fact not eels, and give a shock strong enough to knock out a horse.
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