Hotel Hacks That Will Impress Even the Savviest of Travelers

By 1 year ago

Staying in hotels can either be exciting and relaxing or pretty stressful. Whether you’re staying in a luxury suite or a casual motel on the side of the highway, here are some hotel hacks that will help you take your stay to the next level…

Clothespins To The Rescue

If you don’t have a place to sanitarily store your toothbrush during your stay, just pack a clothespin in your bag. If you attach it to the head of the brush, you can keep it elevated enough so as to not touch any of the bathroom surfaces.


Painter’s Tape Hack

Painters tape or duct tape comes in handy when traveling with children. You can easily create tracks for toy cars and trains, a game board for some tic-tac-toe, or whatever else you can think up. The possibilities are endless and your young kids will have a good time coming up with their own ideas, too!

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