Hospital Staff Lines Hallway to Honor Organ Donor in ‘Walk of Respect’

Being an organ donor is an incredible gift that can help so many people. It’s said that eight lives can be saved with one organ donor, however, only 3 in 1,000 people die in a way that even allows for organ donation. This is why there is such a nationwide shortage—as the list of recipients in need grows, the number of donors is pretty stagnant.

Hospitals know this unfortunate statistic all too well, as 20 people die each day waiting for transplants. This is why St. Luke’s Medical Center in Meridian, Idaho, honors every donor in a big way.

In a video that appeared on YouTube last week, the staff members of St. Luke’s Medical Center are seen lining the halls of the hospital, paying homage to a 53-year-old organ donor.

The donor, a man who was moments away from being taken off of life support so that his organs could be immediately donated to those in need, was honored by all of the hospital employees, as is the ritual for St. Lukes. Everyone, from the janitors to the available surgeons, quietly stands in the hallway as the donor is wheeled down the hallway towards the operating room.

This St. Luke’s “Walk of Respect” tradition began a few years ago when an employee’s son passed away.

“It’s just a way we can honor the family who has made a difficult decision,” said St. Luke’s spokeswoman Anita Kissée.

Since the video was shared, many hospitals have reached out to St. Lukes expressing their interest in beginning this tradition in their facilities as well.

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