Home Repair Hacks Just in Time For Spring Cleaning

Making a house into a home is no easy (or cheap!) task. There's an awful lot of work to get done, so why not do it the best way possible? These life hacks will make getting your house in shape for summer extremely simple...

Toilet Kool-Aid

Worried about a leaky toilet? Of course, it seems like it's the worst-case scenario! Ease your mind by putting some Kool-Aid or other colored dye in the water. Just keep yourself from flushing for about 30 minutes, and if colored water shows up in the toilet bowl, there’s a leak!


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The More You Know

  • Mark Zuckerberg said a voting mechanism that says whether posts are good or bad is 'not something that we think is good for the world'.
  • War pigs were used in ancient warfare to counter against war elephants, which feared the pigs (and their squeals) and would bolt. War pigs were sometimes lit on fire to enhance this effect.
  • Hippos have the largest mouths of any animal on land.
  • Coca-Cola consumers will pay more to drink less ounces.
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