Hilariously Ironic Moments That Just So Happened to Get Caught on Camera

Honestly, these people were setting themselves up for failure since the beginning.

Doesn’t Look Like Much of a Choice

Water is definitely the healthiest alternative to 99% of drinks you can get out of a vending machine, but this is a little absurd. Next time someone offers you a “choice” of beverages, take that with a grain of salt.


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The More You Know

  • Agatha Christie said she came up with many of her book plots while sitting in her bathtub while eating apples.
  • Stephen Hawking is 73 years old and has outlived his shortened life expectancy due to ALS by over 50 years.
  • Vietnam is one of the most pro-US countries in the world, with 76% having a favorable view. This is higher than Japan, the United Kingdom, and France.
  • LEGO has an underground vault with every set ever made.
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